About Me

Hi, I’m Page Glave!

I spent awhile in higher education – long enough to get tenure and decide it was time to do something else. I have eJPT (eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester), Security+, and CASP+ certifications. I love learning and tech, so digging into all of this stuff just makes me happy.

Being extensively involved in online education and online course development reminded me how much I truly enjoy the technical side of things. Thus I’ve turned my focus to cybersecurity or information security or whatever we are calling it today. As someone who took programming classes for fun and is constantly looking for challenges, cybersecurity was a natural fit. It gives me the opportunity to constantly learn new things, be challenged, and think outside the box. I’m able to take many of the skills I’ve developed in academia and from being the “tech” person and apply them directly to what needs to be done in cybersecurity.

I am particularly interested in education, industrial control systems (ICS), and healthcare, but welcome opportunities of all types. I enjoy both red and blue teaming because each offers different challenges. I’m becoming active in the infosec community and sharing what I’m learning to help others. I enjoy public speaking, so I’m happy to present on a variety of topics.

This is my space to share what I’m learning in an informal way. I hope it will be useful to others. I get a little wordy and probably cite things too heavily, but that’s just the academic coming out.