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HouSecCon 2021 – D2

It’s nice talking on day 1 so day 2 is more chill. Also incredibly great to have an employer, boss, and colleagues who are like “go conference, we’ve got this under control.”

Session Notes

First up Gregory Pollmann and Chrissy Grove on using identifying/prioritizing using crown jewel analysis. I like the crown jewels approach and repeatable process. Dropping the blog link here because it’s got links to the whitepaper and what not. Good approach that can make it easier to tie things to the business impact.

Then Ross Burke on operationalizing threat intel. Big takeaway here was you have to close the feedback loop so you aren’t just awash in IOCs. And that context matters. CTI can’t be set it and forget it.

The last talk I was able to get to was Clint Bodungen on hacking the cybersecurity workforce. What he talked about for getting started and growing your career are exactly what I’ve done – get involved, be part of the community, be accepting. Also mentioned letting people help you – that’s one I need to work on. I just about fell over when he mentioned getting a job is pretty much SE. Because, yeah, it is.

The rest of the day was talking to people and checking out vendors. There were a few new to me companies there so it was cool to see what they were doing. Caught up with some reps I know (and of course reminded them that helping out the K12 space is a good thing to do). I like checking out what new things are coming up. Yes, some of it is a little snake oil-ish, but even that gets you thinking.

I’m looking forward to talks being posted because there were several I would have liked to hear but couldn’t for various reasons. A huge thank you to Michael, Sam, all the volunteers, and all the sponsors who make HouSecCon happen. The hard work to put on a great conference is appreciated!


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